Qualitative case study in gifted education

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Qualitative Case Study in Gifted Education

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Academic Acceleration of gifted children the pros and cons, the social-emotional issues, the myths and realities, the overwhelmingly positive research. A recent qualitative case study by Tucker and Hafenstein () with five young gifted children provided evidence of the existence of the five overexcitabilities in these children via manifestations of behaviors associated with the overexcitabilities.

Using Case Studies to do Program Evaluation necessarily use qualitative data only. Overall, case studies are considered to be a qualitative technique, but they can contain quantitative information.

However, the overall goal of a case tobacco education in other clinics in. based on the groundbreaking work of S. B. Merriam in Case Study Research in Education (Merriam ), there has been significant progress in the field of qualitative research in general, and thus advances have also been made in the standardization of case studies in the field of education.

Qualitative research in practice: examples for discussion and analysis / Bibliographic Details; Main Author: Spirituality and emancipatory adult education in women adult educators for social change / Elizabeth J. Tisdell. a critical case study of a gifted Black child living in rural poverty / Thomas P.

Hébert, Teresa M. Beardsley. Socrates, the founder of the inductive method (Watson, ), was a master at analytical reasoning. Plato, his student, believed in the reality of abstract Forms perceivable only through "the mind's eye," and imperfectly represented in everyday life (Plato's Republic, Jowett trans., /, p.


Qualitative case study in gifted education
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