Mesopotamian education

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Many Babylonian curious works are still studied rather. Ancient Mesopotamia Schools and Education The biggest revolution in the field of education took place when the civilization laid the foundation of the world's first writing technique.

Storing information and passing it on became child play. education in mesopotamia Winged Genius Assistant Few people in Mesopotamia could read or write. Schooling was provided at temples or academies or at the homes of priests and bureaucrats.

Sep 11,  · No. Ancient mesopotamia was around and between the Tirgris and Euphrates rivers. ancient Egypt was in north africa. And and Egypt became great later than mesopotamia. Ancient Mesopotamia covered an area that was about miles long and about miles wide. The villages, towns and cities in ancient Mesopotamia were built between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers.

What type of government did ancient Mesopotamia have?

Ancient Mesopotamia Education. As a civilization contemporary with Egyptian civilization, Mesopotamia developed education quite similar to that of its counterpart with respect to its purpose and training.

Formal education was practical and aimed to train scribes and priests. The Class System and Education in Ancient Mesopotamia. Watch a video about a young girl who talks about her town, school, life, and accomplishments in ancient Sumeria plus more!

Interactive Quiz about the Land Between Two Rivers (with answers) Explore Ancient Mesopotamia.

Mesopotamian education
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