History of distance education

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Whether you would your journey at Mike Peay State University online intentionally, take an assortment of online and on track courses, or move to clearly online over time, the department of Negotiating Education will be here to understand you.

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Welcome To Institute Of Distance Education, University Of Madras ; Years Of Excellence ; About University. HOME; About IDE. History; Director Message; Excellence In Action. Real-time distance education—rather than merely correspondence, shared films, or pre-recorded lectures—was born.

However, education by correspondence has not disappeared and is regarded by many as simply the ‘traditional’ form of distance education. Correspondence education, the earliest version of distance education, developed in the mid-nineteenth century in Europe (Great Britain, France, Germany), and the United States, and spread swiftly.

Inan English educator, Sir Isaac Pitman, taught shorthand by mail (Encarta).

The History of Distance Education

Welcome to the Directorate of Distance Education: Realising the important role of education which it plays in the overall national development, the Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak established a Correspondence Cell in the year for imparting education through ‘Correspondence' leading to the award of ncmlittleton.com degree.

Choose Texas A&M University Distance Education. Earn your degree or certificate from the comfort of your own home while still pursuing the career of your choice.

Through distance education, you can achieve your degree without having to relocate all while receiving full, anytime access to your courses and the same resources as on-campus students. By one could obtain an accredited high school diploma via distance education from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Independent Study High School.

As early asthe first "virtual college" with no physical campus was in operation.

History of distance education
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History of Distance Learning, Public Education in America