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Educational Games

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Educational Games from Knowledge Adventure.

Educational game

Knowledge Adventure has been making educational games for kids for over two decades. Working with child experts, developmental psychologists and educators, it produces games loved by parents and children alike. Exercise for your mind, made easy.

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Just a few minutes a day for 3 brain games — that’s all it takes. Every day, you get a fresh workout to keep you challenged. is an educational website for Kids. We offer fun, interactive, and educational games for kids.

Educational Games for Girls also offers ios games, android games, kids clip art, e-cards for kids, wallpaper, kids jokes, games, and more. From new favorites to old-school classics, these board games provide hours of family fun, and they have real educational value too.

We picked six of our favorite educational board games for each age group, from preschoolers to high school students. Common Sense Media editors help you choose Free Educational Apps, Games, and Websites. Educational goodies that won't break the bank.

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Educational game
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