Distance education in nigeria

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Distance education in Nigeria

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What is Distance Education in Nigeria: All That You Need to Know

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What is Distance Education in Nigeria: All That You Need to Know

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THE CHALLENGES OF DISTANCE EDUCATION IN NIGERIA Bolupe Awe, Ph.D School of Education, National Open University of Nigeria, 14/16 Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island, Lagos E-mail address [email protected] ; 1 Introduction Distance education is a field of education that focuses on teaching methods and technology with the aim of delivering teaching, often.

Open and distance education in Nigeria has played a tremendous role in human development and socio-economic growth of Nigerian state. Education is the bedrock to every development, and instrument of political stability, and industrial advancement.

Problems and Prospects of Open and Distance Education in Nigeria

The Department of Open and Distance Education seeks to regulate the quality of open and distance / Cross-border provision of university education in Nigeria, in order to ensure that Nigeria optimizes these modes, in ameliorating the problem of inadequate access and in fast-tracking high level human capacity production for national development and global competitiveness in line with regulatory.

1.) To examine the use of instructional technology in distance education in Nigeria 2.) To trace the historical origins of distance education in Nigeria 3.) To examine the challenges The first education ordinance took place in while Nigeria was still a protectorate under the British Government.

e-learning and distance education in nigeria Timothy Olugbenga AJADI, Ibrahim, Olatunde SALAWU, & Femi, Adetunji ADEOYE School of Education, National Open University of Nigeria.

Problems and Prospects of Distance Education in Nigeria

As the students of Nigeria do not have enough funds, to cross borders in search of good education, distance learning is the best option for them. Distance learning in Nigeria is extremely popular amongst students and working professionals.

Distance education in nigeria
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Distance Learning | Education in Nigeria