An analysis of colonial education in crick crack monkey by merle hodge

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Teaching Merle Hodge’s Crick Crack, Monkey: A Lesson Plan

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Crick Crack, Monkey was written by Merle Hodge, a Trinidadian woman, and published in It is the story of Tee, a young girl, growing up in Trinidad. Hodge published Crick Crack, Monkey inand it is the first major novel of its kind by a female writer in the postcolonial era.

During this time, Trinidad was under the leadership of Dr. Eric Williams who helped lead the nation to its independence in (Booker and Juraga, 62). See bibliography. Crick Crack, Monkey Merle Hodge Pages: Published: The book: A young girl called Tee narrates the story of her childhood in Trinidad.

After her Mother dies during childbirth, Tee is forced to live first with an aunt she calls Tantie and then with her Aunt Beatrice. The novel Crick Crack Monkey was written by Merle Hodge, who was born in Trinidad and Tobago.

The novel was first published in the year by Heinemann Publishers Limited. The story is narrated through the eyes of an unbiased child protagonist. Impact of colonial education in Hodge's Crick Crack Monkey Hodge’s book Crick Crack, Monkey is a story that mirrors the racist and the class divisions in the society.

She wrote about women, their lives and the effects of Post Colonial education. Robin Brooks June Teaching Merle Hodges Crick Crack, Monkey: A Lesson Plan I. Introduction Merle Hodges Crick Crack, Monkey, first published inis a significant text in the body of anglophone Caribbean literature.

An analysis of colonial education in crick crack monkey by merle hodge
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