A discussion on the influence of social class and gender on educational achievement

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Social Class and Achievement

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Gender Influence on Educational Process

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It is also clear that within the latter picture there is a patchwork of historical experiences within and between schools. Interventions to eliminate achievement gaps cannot fully succeed as long as social stratification caused by gender and racial discrimination is not addressed.

Citation: Bécares L, Priest N () Understanding the Influence of Race/Ethnicity, Gender, and Class on Inequalities in Academic and Non-Academic Outcomes among Eighth-Grade Students: Findings from an Intersectionality Approach.

While there is no doubt that social class, whether measured by the parents’ occupation, level of education, postcode or wealth, has a strong influence on students’ educational outcomes, it is. Although all of the above are just case studies and thus of limited use in generating a universal theory of what the ‘major cause’ of differences in educational achievement by social class might be, many similar studies have suggested that schools in poorer areas have a lower ethos of expectation (from Willis’ classic research on the lads to Swain’s research in ).

In conclusion this paper has demonstrated how social class, gender and race effects educational achievement more than ones innate ability.

Frequently it can be seen that each of these factors contribute to educational achievement, although distinguishing. Argue that many working-class homes lack the books, educational toys and activities that would stimulate a child's intellectual growth development.

Thus children from such homes start school without having developed the intellectual skills needed to progress.

Social Class

Cause of Social Class Differences in Educational Achievement This essay will assess the view that poverty is the main cause of social class differences in educational achievement.

There are many causes of these differences which can be linked to cultural deprivation, and will be .

A discussion on the influence of social class and gender on educational achievement
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